Open Source Content Management & Messaging

Moorestown EMS

When the COVID-19 pandemic changed the operations of Moorestown, New Jersey’s Emergency Medical Services responders – new challenges to communicating between employees and supervisors created a need for strong messaging solutions above the free e-mail services common among first responders.

With a combination of open source webmail clients deployed organization-wide, together with hosted services to sync desktop and field clients with organization-wide resources – Moorestown EMS found flexible solutions in our hosted mail & messaging services.  With built-in anti-virus protection and advanced SPAM defenses – we were also able to provide additional benefits to these frontline heroes as they navigated the “new normal” of managing emergency responses during a pandemic.

Additionally, the sudden changes in their day-to-day routine operations changed their ability to maintain their previous web site with updates and public information for their community.  The need for an easy-to-use content management system that was budget friendly led to a web site migration to the popular open source platform, WordPress.  Without the risks of tying into a proprietary platform, and with plentiful training available to delegate content management within the organization – this has turned into a perfect solution for this fantastic local organization.

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