Who is Galie Media?

In 1996, our team first organized as Image Graphix – a Philadelphia-based boutique design studio for the fledgling world wide web. Within a few years, our original family of designers were joined by a team of talented creatives that were on the bleeding edge of the e-commerce revolution and branching out into systems integration and server infrastructure for clients throughout the Delaware Valley region, helping power the first “dot-com” revolution.

Unfortunately, the end of that “dot-com bubble” era also spelled the end of this chapter in our story. After many regional “dot-com” startups began to fall to earth, our core team of family and friends reorganized into Galie Media, with a new focus on solutions for not just web-based applications but managing the multiple platforms that powered online brands like social media.

Throughout the 24 years of our history, we’ve never stopped evolving and exploring new ways to serve our clients.

Within the last decade, new platforms and the exploding “app revolution” on smartphones were dramatically changed the landscape of the online presence needed for all businesses. As these businesses recognized the need to use these tools as more than just web sites, and the need to integrate with social media platforms, as well as launch mobile applications – this has continued to be a where we help anyone get online from the large enterprise to the small enterprise to the extraordinary community groups around us.