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Our team has built powerful web site and hosting solutions for over 25 years since 1996.

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25 Years of Experience building Online Solutions

In 1996, our team founded Image Graphix – a Philadelphia-based technology design studio for the world wide web. Within a few years, our founding family of designers expanded with creatives and engineers joining the firm that were developing solutions at dawn of the e-commerce revolution. We expanded into hardware integration and systems infrastructure for clients throughout the region, helping power the first “dot-com” revolution locally. By end of the 90s, we grew into computer manufacturing as well as our original design and hosting services. Unfortunately, within a few years, the end of the “dot-com bubble” era also spelled the end of this chapter in our story – with the original team of family and friends reorganizing our core talents into the Galie Media studio.

Our team pushed forward over the next few years with a focus on simple, effective, open source solutions for web-based applications and the management of the emerging platforms that began the social media revolution. This new landscape for our clients included content management tools for their web sites; and brand design requirements for linking their social media with their other channels on every device imaginable. Within the last decade, the “app revolution” on smartphones further changed the online needs beyond web sites and as our existing and new clients recognized this changing landscape – this is where our team has provided the solutions to get online from the large enterprise to the small business to the community groups around us.

What our team can provide you

We've provided Experience and Expertise for Projects of All Sizes

Our Medford-based team provides a combination of site design and application development services for a variety of business and organizational clients. Whether it's upgrading a static or page-builder web site to open source content management tools or expanding your online presence into a mobile application or integrating your existing email and electronic messaging with social media channels - our team has the capabilities to help you build your online brand.

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Due to our small team size, we do not accept all new work but evaluate project ideas for various groups. Our goal is to provide our newest client the same level of personal, exceptional service as our oldest client.

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